68% of customers won't repeat business...

or give a referral and about 70% of employees are disengaged because they don't feel cared about.


This is where we come in!

Our appreciation services save you time and help you nurture and build genuine relationships

that attract referrals and grow your business!



Have you ever wondered why a handwritten note or a card sent for those special occasions makes such an impact to the person who receives it? It's because it's sincere, it takes time and hardly anyone does it.

This quarterly service offers consistent personalized touches to help you build genuine connections with your clients, partners and employees.

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The right gift has a way of placing you on the minds and hearts of your current contacts and opening doors of opportunity to new ones. But, when do you find the time? How do you know what's gimmicky and what will make a genuine impression?


Leave that to us! From personalized ideas to shipping, we'll do the heavy lifting for you.

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We know that you care and your relationships matter, but sometimes it's challenging to know how to express it.


In this service we'll consult with you to create the best strategy for your appreciation needs, incorporate those personal touches that are true to you and will bring joy to your contacts. Plus, coordinate everything from vetting the best vendors to packaging and shipping.

Present Surprise


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I was introduced to Joanne last year

and was blown away when she showed me samples of her work!  

Have sent out two mailouts to my clients thus far, and received compliments from many, plus business opportunities.  


 Joanne's work is NOT the norm!  She is organized, artistic and extremely talented!  I am blessed to have her as a friend as well as a professional contact and I will continue to recommend her highly!

- Nena, Realtor

Berkshire Hathaway