FOLLOW UP DONE FOR YOU | Quarterly Service


How many times have you met a new contact and meant to follow up, but with your busy schedule you dropped the ball and now you feel terrible about it? Then, you'll love this service! 


Over the next three months, we'll provide a personal touch meets digital service with email messaging that is tailored to your voice and beautiful mail pieces that are designed to do more than say ...


"It was great meeting you at XYZ event ..."


But, through a strategic system:

*Establishes a Connection

*Helps Your Contact

*Introduces Your Services

*Engages & Builds Trust


Setting you apart from the competition as their top person to contact in your field of expertise.


*This service has proven results in the real estate industry and is a great system

for any relationship-based company. 




About 80 percent of your business comes from people you know.

What about the other 20? (aka - your target market)


These campaigns are here to meet that need. Designed to make your target audience

aware of you, your services and to create a warm lead for you to do business with.






Gives you a synergy of online & offline touches



*Beautifully designed flat card 

*Printed on premium paper

*Placed in nicely addressed envelope

    *Why? When people see an envelope that is not a bill it's the first thing they'll open

      and that's what you want.



*Engaging content written for you

*Messages get into their inbox 

*Your contacts receive content showing your email address

  (shh! ... they  don't need to know we're managing the details)


Social Media

*Content Curation

 We find top-quality, viral-ready articles and share them daily for you


*Content Creation

 We will write and publish status updates and tweets for you


*Content Scheduling

 We know the exact right time of day to publish to your social media accounts  We'll also repurpose the best content




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