What I Know For Sure (I love when Oprah says this!)                                               


Is if you stay in the game, through every victory, mistake, challenge, even

the tears, and you refuse to give up, all things will work together for

your good! As a matter of fact, you’ll end up in a better place than you

could have originally imagined.


That is one of the main reasons why this ‘meet Joanne’ page means a lot

to me. I love to connect with people in a genuine way, so instead of

having it written for me I created the time to write it from my heart to you.


Originally from Brooklyn, NY (thus, the NYC skyline above) I moved

to Atlanta, GA as a young adult to pursue a communications degree

and a dream job as a journalist at a major newspaper. I accomplished

two of the three – the degree and the major newspaper job but it wasn’t

as a journalist. It was in advertising and editorial marketing. However,

unbeknownst to me at the time, it was the path that would lead to where

I am today being the Founder and CEO of 


              Joanne Funchess Personal Touch Appreciation Services ...


Having the privilege of working with such talented people, I learned and developed many great skills in marketing, writing, design, planning and more. It was fun! But, I knew there was another chapter for me so I left to be a wife, to be a mom and very shortly after to start a business.


Launched over eight years ago, my secret love for greeting cards turned into a company that created custom cards for consumers. Before I knew it, business owners wanted to know if I could do the same for them so of course I said, “YES!”  Then, they said “I’m too busy to mail these cards can you do it?”  Again, I said “YES!”  and did so, on a seasonal basis. But, as I networked and built relationships I saw there was a great need for this far beyond a seasonal basis. Now, Joanne Funchess Personal Touch Appreciation Services has evolved from providing a product to full-service campaigns that help companies express appreciation that drives retention, attracts referrals and grows their business. Wow!

The journey was worth it! All of it! And, it’s worth it for you. Keep going along your path, press through the challenges and say ‘YES’ more! Because in the end it will all work together for your good!


With joy, always!