• Joanne Funchess

Are You Building Relationships First?

I remember when this little girl would be so happy to go out and network. And, as she smiled warmly and introduced herself to people they would ask the magic question:

"So, what do you do?"

She would reply so bright-eyed,

"I help entrepreneurs stay in touch with their clients and build strong relationships that lead to referrals and grow their businesses."

Then, just as she expected positive cheer, to her dismay they would respond with a glazed look that expressed "Oh, that's nice dear..."

True story? Yes. Was I that little girl? Yes. L.O.L!

This scenario happened over and over. It even made me doubt my mission at times, but I'm glad that through it all I never gave up. And I'm proud to be a part of an organization, BNI, that shares my belief that people matter and our relationships with them should be valued. And, in return, these valued relationships lead to referrals that grow each other's businesses.

So, are you building relationships first? I hope so, but if you're not you can start today with this quick video tip from BNI founder Ivan Misner.

I am here to help - let me know your thoughts!

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